Kathryn  Wow, thanks so much Kristin for your advice. It makes a lot of sense, and I really appreciate it!  8•3•11, 11:26AM
Kristin  Kathryn, Congratulations! I loved our professional wedding photographs, but I have to say that our friends captured some images I'm so glad we have. Here are a few thoughts. First: we got photos from friends before our pro photog, which was wonderful to see during our honeymoon. Second: our friends took a lot of photos of groups of people that we hadn't asked our photog to focus on, but we're very glad to have the images. Lastly: the photos that we laughed so hard we were crying were those shot by our friends during the dancing... they aren't technically the best, but people felt free to ham it up for their own cameras. Perhaps a solution is to ask for no photographs during the ceremony and write it in the program. That way, you still allow for the wonderful gift that friends photos can be.  8•3•11, 11:13AM